What is Lean Thinking Learning Space?

LTLS is a fleible and innovative physical space, specialized in the optimization and improvement of processes, that through relevant didactic material and methods generate an experiential learning in lean manufacturing, developing disciplinary and personal competences. This innovation project proposes to create an environment of continuous production, with all the real factors of a productive process, where the students are immersed in the experience, and make decisions to create an efficient transformation and with zero waste. THe results demonstrate a significant increase in the development of competences, as well as a better perception of the students in hte teaching-learning process.

What problem is your project attempting to solve?

In the world of the manufacturing and services industry, there is a problem due to the lack of graduated, highly trained and up-to-date professionals in lean manufacturing issues and process optimization trends. Lean Thinking Learning Space (LTLS) aims to solve the lack of specialized and knowledgeable experts of Lean Manufacturing methodologies and tools for the optimization and improvement of processes. This innovation proposes a concrete solution to the problem, since there is no similar space where active learning is carried out, where the student experiences a continuous production, developing the progressive imporvement in the Operational Efficiency of processes, from the planning, design and execution of the productive system through the tools that students are discovering, knowing and putting into practice, within this space. The student reaches the evolution and knowledge and abilities in terms of Waste Disposal, Operational Stability, Quality in the Workplace, Continuous Flow, Just in Time, Collaboration and Teamwork, wit the purpose of impacting the flexibility and responsiveness of the processes, measured in terms of cost, quality, price and safety.

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  • 2017

    Experiential Learning Course

    This course took place in the ITESM Campus Puebla to engineering students.

  • September 2018

    Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma on a Semester i project from September 23 to 29 of 2018.

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